26 May 2021 Volume :9 Issue :20

Summa Cum Laude Graduate is Passionate about Microbiology

<em>Summa Cum Laude</em> Graduate is Passionate about Microbiology
Ms Teniel Ramkhelawan.

Top achiever in Medical Science Honours (Microbiology), Miss Teniel Ramkhelawan’s interest in microbiology, biology and infectious diseases inspired her to engage in research on infectious diseases.

She aims to become a researcher at an academic institution where her knowledge and technical skills can benefit science and humankind by testing hypotheses on the factors that drive human disease.

Ramkhelawan who received her degree summa cum laude is currently exploring her options and hopes to pursue a master’s degree in infectious diseases.

‘(The year) 2020 was more challenging than usual due to the pandemic which put a strain on the mental health, well-being and livelihoods of everyone, including myself. I handled the challenges as they came - one at a time, and I relied on my amazing support structure made up of my family and friends,’ she said.

The proud Durbanite enjoys adventures and outdoor life but given COVID-19, she prefers to socialise virtually. She believes that through science and God’s grace, a solution to the pandemic will be found.

Words: Lihle Sosibo

Photograph: Supplied

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