26 May 2021 Volume :9 Issue :19

Top Anatomy Student

Top Anatomy Student
Best Overall Student in Human Anatomy, Ms Courtney Barnes.

Ms Courtney Barnes received a Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Anatomy) degree cum laude and was named Best Overall Student in Human Anatomy in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences.

She received four certificates of merit during the course of her studies.

‘I’m proud of this accomplishment, considering the challenges I faced. My hard work and dedication have definitely paid off and will keep paying off in the future,’ she said.

Durban-born Barnes said she has always been fascinated by the study of the human body. She is currently studying towards her honours degree in Human Anatomy.

She recalled writing her first Biology test at university and thinking she had done well. She was devastated to receive a mark of 47% because she had devoted much time and effort to studying for the test.

‘This was my first assessment at university level and I had not fully adjusted to the assessment methods. Students need to understand that the transition from high school to university is not easy. If you didn’t do as well as you expected in your first assessments, you need to see that as a stepping stone to achieve your goals. I had to change my study methods until I found one that worked for me.’

A further challenge was the loss of regular interaction with her lecturers due to COVID-19. However, she drew strength from her passion for anatomy and ongoing support from her parents. 

‘My family is everything to me. They have been my safety net from day one and always will be.’

Words: Lihle Sosibo

Photograph: Supplied

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