03 September 2014 Volume :2 Issue :46

Break the Silence Walk

Break the Silence Walk
The Break Silence Walk on the Howard College campus.

The Break Silence Walk, held to raise public awareness about gender-based violence and encourage victims to speak out, took place on the Howard College campus in Durban.

Organised by UKZN HIV/AIDS Women’s Forum members, the walk also aimed to educate University students and staff that silence is not the answer.

Participants walked peacefully and in silence to protest against women and children abuse.

The Walk also encouraged everyone to wear a black T-shirt, or other black clothing, every Thursday as a sign of their support and an indication that society is tired of putting up with violence and calls for a situation where women can walk safely without fear.

The response has been positive and many students, both women and men, have committed themselves to wearing black on Thursdays.

Women victims of violence have been urged to use the services of the University. For example rape cases should be reported and the victim must go to the clinic for free Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) treatment.

-          Noxolo Batembu

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