03 September 2014 Volume :2 Issue :46

CDC-Sichuan Agreement Formalised

CDC-Sichuan Agreement Formalised
Dr Bo Du and Professor Salim Abdool Karim formalise the relationship between CAPRISA and the CDC Sichuan Province.

Senior officials from the Centres for Disease Control in Sichuan, a province in south west China, visited CAPRISA in August to gain insights into CAPRISA’s AIDS research and to sign a co-operation agreement between CDC-Sichuan and CAPRISA. Led by Dr Bo Du, Deputy Director, Health Department, Sichuan Province, the delegation included senior members of the Health Department of Sichuan Province, Sichuan CDC and the Sichuan Medical Information Research Institute.

In addition to learning about CAPRISA’s experiences in AIDS prevention and control programs, the delegation spent time during their visit to learn the latest developments on antiretroviral treatment, treatment for opportunistic infections and the use of antiretrovirals to prevent HIV transmission.The visit followed an exploratory visit by Sichuan CDC to CAPRISA last year and formalised the relationship between the two organisations. The relationship will allow for the Sichuan CDC scientists to spend time at CAPRISA and acquire further skills in HIV and AIDS patient management and HIV clinical research. In addition, CAPRISA’s senior staff will be invited to visit the CDC-Sichuan to provide on-site training and support.

Professor Salim Abdool Karim Director of CAPRISA welcomed the visit, and said, ‘This agreement symbolises the geographic reach of CAPRISA’s scientific contributions, extending to several BRICS countries and multilateral agencies.’

The delegation spent over five hours with senior scientists at CAPRISA and visited the CAPRISA eThekwini Clinical Research site where they met with CAPRISA’s Deputy Director, Dr Nesri Padayatchi. This was followed by a tour of the CAPRISA laboratory at the DDMRI offices, presentations and a meeting with Professors Salim and Quarraisha Abdool Karim. The CDC presentation titled: “HIV/AIDS Prevalence and Comprehension Prevention and Treatment in Sichuan Province” highlighted the critical importance of enhancing HIV treatment mechanisms in that province.

Dr Nesri Padaychee and Dr Kogie Naidoo will visit the HIV clinical centres and HIV research organisations in Sichuan province in October this year as guests of the Sichuan CDC.

-          Smita Maharaj

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