02 November 2020 Volume :8 Issue :49

The Use of Natural Agents to Prevent Prediabetes

The Use of Natural Agents to Prevent Prediabetes
PhD in Medical Physiology graduate, Dr Akinjide Moses Akinnuga.

Dr Akinjide Moses Akinnuga was awarded a PhD in Medical Physiology for his thesis titled: Investigating the Effects of Bredemolic Acid on Selected Markers of some Prediabetes-associated Dysfunctions in Diet-induced Prediabetic Rats. T

he study was supervised by Dr Andile Khathi.

The study found that consumption of a high calorie diet causes prediabetes and its associated dysfunctions such as abnormal glucose metabolism, and liver, cardiovascular and kidney dysfunction. It showed that prediabetes and these dysfunctions can be prevented by natural antidiabetic agents without a change of diet.

‘I feel euphoric at having completed the degree within the minimum duration of two years. My future aspirations are to continue as an academic and focus on research in the areas of metabolism and endocrinology via postdoctoral research and collaboration with other medical scientists in the world,’ said Akinnuga.

Akinnuga is passionate about physiology: ‘It’s fascinating to study how the body functions. Factors such as diet, stress, and lifestyle affect normal physiological functions and knowledge and understanding of how the body works can provide solutions.’

He added that, ‘My experience at UKZN was pleasant and was marked by teamwork and the development of my verbal, communication, and laboratory skills. I learned fast and shared several research ideas with colleagues in the same field and other fields.’

During his spare time, the Nigerian-born academic enjoys singing, reading, travelling and spending time with his wife, Titilayo, and daughters.

Words: Lihle Sosibo

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