01 October 2020 Volume :8 Issue :42

ALERT: COVID-19 Remains a Serious Threat

ALERT: COVID-19 Remains a Serious Threat
The University community is encouraged to observe all COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

As South Africa and the rest of the world continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for the University community to note that the Coronavirus remains a serious threat to health and life despite the country having recently moved to Level 1 in its COVID-19 strategy.

Health and safety protocols must continue to be strictly adhered to if a resurgence of the disease is to be averted.

Level 1 has allowed all students to return to campus and residences, and for most sectors of the country’s economy to be revived. The decreasing number of daily new infections informed this decision. On 29 September, this stood at 903 new infections and 188 deaths.

However, across the world, several countries are experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 infections - a deadly disease for which there is still no cure or vaccine.

Europe is experiencing a resurgence in COVID-19 cases after successfully slowing down outbreaks early in the year. Countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Montenegro and North Macedonia had higher case numbers in August than they did earlier in the year.

France, the UK, Poland, The Netherlands and Spain are dealing with the much-feared second wave and have started implementing measures to curb it.

UKZN has done all it could to ensure the health and safety of those who returned to campus in the past few months. We have to uphold and maintain these efforts.

The safety and protection of our staff and students remain paramount as the virus is still active and a serious threat in South Africa.

We must continue to observe all health and safety protocols. These include:

•    Wearing a mask at all times;

•    Maintaining physical distancing;

•    Regularly washing or sanitising hands; and

•    Restrictions on large gatherings.

For information on prevention measures, please visit: https://vc.ukzn.ac.za/covid-19.

You can also download and use the COVID Alert SA App: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFLJRr1Dr7k&feature=youtu.be.

 Words: Normah Zondo

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