Necessity of being up with Developments in HR Field Spurs Postgrad Study

Necessity of being up with Developments in HR Field Spurs Postgrad Study
Ms Cynthia Bhebhe.

The need to keep abreast of new developments in the Human Resources (HR) profession motivated UKZN staff member Ms Cynthia Bhebhe to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Management.

Bhebhe, who is a Human Resources Consultant in the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science, says the qualification has broadened her knowledge about HR as a strategic role rather than simply an administrative function. 

‘This qualification has enhanced my understanding of the broader management role and its impact in an organisation,’ said Bhebhe. ‘The experience was challenging as the studies were in the broad spectrum of management, not just HR and I was fortunate that in our groups there were people with diverse backgrounds. I now feel that I am more equipped to contribute positively in the HR space and provide more effective HR services to the College,’ she said.

While the balancing act of being a wife, a mother, an employee and attending evening classes was tough, the prospects of career growth motivated Bhebhe to press on.

‘I joined the University as a member of staff with just a National Diploma in Office Administration from the then Mangosuthu Technikon. I am grateful to UKZN for the opportunities I have enjoyed.  Today, I have a BBA degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management,’ she said.

Bhebhe plans to pursue her master’s degree.

‘I want to encourage other mothers and women in general that taking the challenge of furthering one’s educational qualification is worth the sweat. Yes, there are challenges but the feeling of accomplishment in the end is worth it.’

Thandiwe Jumo

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Husband and Wife Beat the “Heat” and Achieve the Feat!

Husband and Wife Beat the “Heat” and Achieve the Feat!
Mr Nkululeko and Ms Nonkululeko Masikane celebrating their achievement.

For husband and wife Nkululeko and Nonkululeko Masikane completing Postgraduate Diplomas in Management while maintaining a fair balance between family responsibilities, demanding jobs and busy social lives was no easy feat!

However, the Masikanes persevered, met the challenges head on and graduated amid great joy.

‘I remember the times I would attend lectures for the both of us as my husband had to watch the kids and ensure the household ran smoothly,’ said Nonkululeko.

‘We have done a lot of things together and we tend to excel and achieve more when we work as a team. I was really excited to embark on this journey with my husband because I knew that even though it would be challenging we would find a way to make it fun and enjoyable.’

The couple each hold leadership positions in their respective professions – Nkululeko is a Director and shareholder at Met-X Concrete Products and Nonkululeko is a Business Development Manager at Zimele, an enterprise development programme of packaging and paper producer, Mondi.

They both feel their newly acquired knowledge will be highly useful to them in the advancement of their careers.

‘Academic achievements are great, because the knowledge gained creates opportunities for sharing with others. We are where we are today because we are both inquisitive and wanted to advance our careers through using postgraduate studies as a tool and a process to grow and prosper,’ said Nkululeko.

Nonkululeko is looking forward to using the valuable insights gained from this experience to nurture and develop young leaders.

‘I am passionate about teaching and learning as I used to lecture finance subjects to DUT students and local government students in the KwaZulu-Natal municipalities,’ she said. ‘I plan to continue with lecturing as well as getting involved in developing SMMEs in our country.  I believe I have a lot of value to add in developing policies and implementable strategies which would create a conducive environment for our SMMEs in our challenged economy.’

The Masikane’s, who have been married for 11 years, encouraged other married couples to consider pursuing a qualification together even it was in different fields as mutual support and advancement was key in marriage.

Siboniso Shinga

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Chidzawo Family Hits Grad Trifecta

Chidzawo Family Hits Grad Trifecta
The Chidzawo family celebrating on Graduation day.

The Chidzawo family has hit a graduation trifecta!  Sister and brother Nicole and Tatenda, along with Tatenda’s wife, Denise, all graduated from UKZN on the same day and at the same ceremony.

Nicole graduated with a BCom Honours in Marketing Management and is currently completing her Masters in Marketing at UKZN; Tatenda received a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance, Banking and Investment Management, while Denise was awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Originally from Zimbabwe, the family moved to South Africa from Lesotho when Nicole was just five-years- old.

Nicole, who has developed a love for photography and Afrocentric art pieces, spends her free time blogging, baking and travelling.

Her advice to students is to balance life while at university. ‘It’s good to work hard and to put effort into your studies but at the same time you need to allow yourself time to relax and enjoy your varsity years,’ she said. 

She acknowledged God, her mother, late father and her family and friends for their constant encouragement and support ‘through the smiles and tears’. She paid special tribute to her parents for instilling in her a love for education.

‘And last but not least I’d like to thank my wonderful Honours Lecturer and supervisor Professor Debbie Vigar-Ellis, she truly brought out my passion for marketing and went above and beyond the norm of a lecturer. She exposed our class to real-life marketing management experiences. I truly enjoyed my honours year because of her and she’s the reason I’ve decided to pursue a career as a lecturer later in life.’

Tatenda, a financial planner and avid sportsman, advised students to study hard to avoid repeating any subjects. ‘The sooner you start working, the better. This is due to the fact that as important as one’s qualification is, corporates assess your academic record and experience has become king in climbing up the ranks in an organisation.’

He echoed his sister in acknowledging their parents. ‘My father, prior to his death in 1997, was a Senior Lecturer at UKZN in the College of Law and Management Studies after putting himself through school and being awarded merit scholarships to study at the University of Zimbabwe. He also received a prestigious scholarship to study for his MBA in Canada. He achieved all this through hard work and diligence, a legacy he left for us his children to emulate,’ said Tatenda.

Newly-wed Tatenda said his wife Denise was supportive, while also pursuing her own goals.  ‘We have been married for about five months and it has been fantastic.’

Denise, who advised students to manage their time and be committed, thanked her parents, who live in Swaziland, for always believing in her, ‘and I hope that I am making them proud.’

‘Tatenda is my inspiration and my rock. I would also like to acknowledge the Chidzawo family and I am extremely happy and privileged to be a part it,’ she said.

Denise works in Human Resources at Barloworld Transport and plans to do an MBA in the near future. In her spare time, she enjoys road running and has already completed three Comrades Marathons!

The “matriarch” in this high-achieving family is UKZN staffer Mrs Nolleen Chidzawo who had this to say: ‘I am the proudest mother on earth at the moment.  I raised my three kids on my own after my husband passed away when they were still in lower primary school. This is the best thank you gift they could ever give me.’

Nolleen, who holds a BCom Honours degree and is reading for her master’s degree, said: ‘From a young age my late husband and I instilled the importance of education in our children and we led by example.  We taught them that a good education is wealth no-one can take away from you.  It gives you freedom,’ she said.

She thanked God for helping the family overcome challenges. ‘I believe that God may let you go through the most challenging trials in your life but He will always pave a way for you to overcome those challenges and reap the rewards in the end if you remain faithful.

‘I am also very proud of my daughter in-law, Denise Chidzawo, who graduated together with her husband - what a special moment this is for the whole family, we are truly blessed.’

Raylene Captain-Hasthibeer

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BCom Honours Cum Laude Degree for Aspirant Economist

BCom Honours <em>Cum Laude</em> Degree for Aspirant Economist
Ms Nolwazi Biyela (left) with her friend Ms Mathapelo Ngcobo on campus.

Born and bred in Durban’s Umlazi Township, Ms Nolwazi Biyela is a step closer to realising her life-long dream of becoming an academic specialising in economics after achieving her Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree cum laude.

Biyela is studying on a UKZN Talent Excellence and Equity Scholarship awarded to top Black African students who intend to pursue an academic career at UKZN.

From an early age the workings of the Rand/US Dollar exchange rate intrigued Biyela and this motivated her to do her honours thesis on: “The Determinants of Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) in South Africa”.

She is currently reading for a masters degree examining: “Economic Factors that Influence the Demand for Sleep in South Africa”.

Biyela was raised by a single mother, Ms Philisile Biyela, who instilled in her that education is the key to success.

Her mother and other members of the family were her pillars of support when she gave birth to a daughter during the second year of her studies.

Biyela says she will never forget how a close friend, Ms Mathapelo Ngcobo, gave her a wake-up call to pull up her socks and focus on her studies!

Her mentor, Ms Ralitza Dobreva, and supervisor, Dr Harold Ngalawa, of the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, guided her throughout her studies.

Nolwazi enjoys tutoring her peers and believes that her interaction with other students helped her to excel academically.

Her recipe for success includes working in a consistent manner while attending all lectures and taking advantage of consultations with lecturers.

Hazel Langa

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Four UKZN Corporate Relations Staffers Graduate

Four UKZN Corporate Relations Staffers Graduate
From left: Ms Sithembile Shabangu, Mr Vijay Rubinduth Ramballie, Ms Rakshika Sibran, and Ms Phumla Hlengwa.

Four staff members at UKZN’s Corporate Relations Division (CRD) graduated from the College of Law and Management Studies during a ceremony held on the Westville campus.

They are Ms Sithembile Shabangu, Mr Vijay Rubinduth Ramballie, Ms Rakshika Sibran, and Ms Phumla Hlengwa.

Working full-time and studying part-time is never easy - all four said getting the balance right between work and study was key to their success. 

Shabangu, a Journalist in the Publications Unit in CRD, completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Shabangu said good time management was a vital aspect in her success.  When not at the office or in class, she was at home attending to her three young children and nephew.

‘It was a challenge to balance home life, work and studies. It was gruelling, but I had to make it all work so I created a system at home that worked well with my study schedule.’

Shabangu says she is motivated by a desire to learn and enrich her knowledge further. ‘You can never stop learning, it is important to always be open to new learning opportunities and to improve oneself.’

Shabangu says she feels excited and proud. ‘The success is not just for me but also for my family, and my colleagues who supported me throughout. I am grateful to all of them.’

Ramballie graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

In his role as Schools Liaison Officer at CRD, Ramballie provides educational support to learners, equipping them with the knowledge they need to make that all important decision on what tertiary studies to pursue, and guiding them on how to get there.

Ramballie says undertaking his MBA studies was a move towards enhancing his capabilities as a young leader. He says he aims to use the skills gained from his MBA to encourage social entrepreneurs to find a way to use social networks of more developed communities to uplift impoverished communities.

‘We need to create work environments of thoughtfulness, action and collaboration in a way that effectively addresses issues of poverty, unemployment and inequality.’

The journey to graduating was a difficult one for Ramballie. In the three year period of his studies, he underwent a kidney operation and his father and grandmother both passed away after short illnesses.

However, he never wavered in his determination to succeed. ‘These experiences could have delayed the completion of my degree, but instead, I saw them as reasons to complete my MBA - to make both my dad and grandmother proud of my achievement.’

Rakshika Sibran also graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Sibran, a Public Relations Practitioner at CRD, says she gave careful consideration to her choice of study.

‘I knew I wanted to expand my skills and gain well-rounded knowledge of the business world. When I read the course overview for the MBA I was intrigued by the wide variety of subject areas covered and knew this was going to be the right choice for me.’

Reflecting on her time in class, Sibran described the MBA classroom as an information hub. ‘I learned so much from my classmates who were all from different industries and all walks of life.’

Overall she says one of the greatest things she gained from her MBA studies is business confidence!

Sibran thanked her supervisor, Dr Muhammad Hoque, and GSB&L administrator, Ms Zarina Bullyraj for their support.

CRD’s newest staff member, Ms Phumla Hlengwa, graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Hlengwa is an intern in the Marketing and Social Media Unit at CRD.  Hlengwa said her greatest challenge throughout her studies was financing her tuition fees. She says her mother, who earns a living as a teacher and is the breadwinner of the family was her main support. ‘It was not easy for my mum, she paid for my tuition and my residence fees. It was tough.’

Hlengwa says she felt so good on her graduation day, ‘It all seemed impossible until it happened! My mum and siblings were in the audience, it was a proud moment for my mum, especially after all she invested.’

Being the eldest and first to graduate among her siblings, Hlengwa says she hopes she has set a good example for her younger siblings, ‘It is good for them to see and understand that education is the only route to building a successful career.’

Hlengwa is currently studying for an Honours degree in Marketing and SCM. And says she ‘won’t stop there’ as she plans to enroll for a Master of Commerce later on, ‘I want to gain all the necessary expertise that will best equip me to reach my career goals.’

Sejal Desai

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Chartered Accountant Awarded Masters Degree Cum Laude

Chartered Accountant Awarded Masters Degree <em>Cum Laude</em>
Mr Alastair Marais celebrating the moment with his parents Malcom and Glendha Marais.

Chartered Accountant and UKZN Accounting Lecturer, Mr Alastair Marais, graduated with a Master of Commerce degree cum laude.

Marais says many people feel a CA (SA) qualification is sufficient to operate in the profession and that no further academic qualifications are necessary - but he disagrees!

‘Internationally, there is an increasing number of Accounting-based professions creating greater competition. CAs need to differentiate themselves. In many countries CAs are actively encouraged to further their studies to remain in touch with latest developments.’

Marais embarked on postgraduate studies as a personal journey and a quest for professional development. ‘Studying for my masters gave me freedom and independence I never knew in my time when studying to become a CA (SA),’ he said. ‘It gave me flexibility to study what I wanted and how I wanted rather than the rather rigid process followed in the mainstream CA routes.

‘I really enjoyed this flexibility and felt that it developed my own thought processes as well as how I view the world,’ he added.

His research study titled: “Remuneration Committee Independence and Chief Executive Officer Remuneration in the South African Consumer and Technology Sectors”, explored how remuneration committee independence affects CEO remuneration.

In his study, he argues that, in a company, the remuneration committee is a subcommittee of the board of directors with the specific task of overseeing remuneration. Theoretically, if the remuneration committee is not independent of the CEO, then the CEO can be paid excessively. However, if the committee is independent, then they should pay the CEO correctly.

‘My study focused on three aspects of CEO remuneration - the level of pay, the structure of pay and sensitivity of pay to performance. It also looked at different measures of independence and how they affect CEO remuneration.

‘This study will be beneficial to shareholders and policy makers in better understanding the role of remuneration committee independence in determining CEO remuneration. They will hopefully better understand how independence affects the individual aspects of remuneration and how different measures of independence affects these relationships,’ said Marais.

As an academic in a research-led institution, Marais’ short-term plan is to publish an article from his dissertation and then later pursue doctoral studies.

Hazel Langa

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Never Too Late to Finish Your Studies - Cum Laude Graduate

Never Too Late to Finish Your Studies - <em>Cum Laude</em> Graduate
Ms Ashton Sharkey graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Going back to university after dropping out because of financial constraints proved to be a wise decision for Ms Ashton Sharkey who graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Sharkey started a BCom degree at UKZN in 2008 but had to drop out the following year and began working.

In 2014 a close friend encouraged her to resume her studies and, with her financial situation much improved, she registered for her BBA degree at UKZN but did not give up her day job.

‘I always felt I needed to complete my studies and am very grateful for the “second chance”. I am really happy I made the decision to return.

‘Nothing in life is easy but with the right mind set, you can achieve almost anything,’ said Ashton.

She thanked her parents for their support and motivation throughout her studies. She also acknowledged her colleagues who have become her second family.

‘My loving fiancé constantly encouraged me to do my best and never let me give up, even when the stress of it all was so overwhelming. I also had the pleasure of completing my degree with my best friend, Kim Hutchinson, which was great for the both of us as we relied on each other for almost everything.’

Sharkey said highlights during her studies included forming great relationships with fellow students and lecturers.  Managing her time efficiently had been one of the major challenges.

‘Holding down a full time job, made it a challenge to find a balance, but through perseverance and good organisational skills I managed,’ she said.

Sharkey hopes to complete her Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Supply Chain Management and get into a career in that field.

She is currently employed in the Accounts Department at Dr Jones, Bhagwan & Partners.

Sithembile Shabangu

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PhD Study Focuses on Role of Social Media in Crisis Management

PhD Study Focuses on Role of Social Media in Crisis Management
Dr Trishana Ramluckan.

A study that examined - from a South African governance perspective - the use of social media in the context of crisis communication and disaster management, was the focus of research by Doctor of Administration graduate, Dr Trishana Ramluckan.

Ramluckan, a Lecturer at UKZN, said public and private companies, governments and first responders in a crisis would benefit from her research. She said the study also addressed the importance of a quick response and communication tool in a crisis or disaster and the efficient management of such a facility.

Her supervisor, Dr Mogie Subban, said the study was a very interesting and timely project exploring the role of social media in crisis communication, during a period in South Africa when crisis intervention as a multi-sectoral approach was vital for improving service delivery.

Subban said: ‘Social media has become a new exchange and information platform in real time. This study was presented as an inter-disciplinary one, involving Public Governance and Information Technology. The work has received international recognition and has also been published.’

Ramluckan said the main challenge was aligning the area of South African public governance with a global IT or social media platform.

‘With the topic being so diverse, it required many long hours of hard work and support which I thankfully received from my work colleagues, dedicated and supportive supervisors, friends and family,’ said Ramluckan.

‘When I started on the degree, it looked like an unachievable task, something I was not accustomed to.’

Subban and co-supervisor Professor Brian McArthur congratulated Ramluckan on achieving this milestone in her career.

Sithembile Shabangu

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Research Offers New Insights in the Area of Business Rescue

Research Offers New Insights in the Area of Business Rescue
Dr Rajendra Rajaram (right) celebrating his achievement with his supervisor Professor Anesh Singh.

Doctoral graduate, Chartered Accountant and School of Accounting, Economics and Finance academic, Dr Rajendra Rajaram says the lack of knowledge about South Africa’s business rescue environment - the most sought-after solution for financially distressed businesses - is what motivated him to pursue research on the issue.

Through his research titled: “Success Factors for Business Rescue in South Africa”, Rajaram diagnoses and ranks reasons for failed business rescues in South Africa with the aim of offering solutions for improving the success rate by establishing and ranking a set of factors to improve the chances of a successful rescue.

His study was supervised by Professor Anesh Singh.

‘There are a lot of companies that are closing down due to financial distress and this is having a negative impact on our country’s economy,’ said Rajaram.

‘Knowledge from this research will benefit business rescue practitioners, the financial sector, stakeholders of companies intending to go into business rescue and the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission.’

Not only is Rajaram contributing knowledge to an area which has hardly been researched from a South African perspective but he is the first Accounting academic in the past five years to receive a PhD by full dissertation in the field.

‘From an academic perspective this qualification will allow me to supervise PhD students and also improves my standing because not a lot of CAs have a PhD,’ said Rajaram.

‘I have also been accepted to deliver a paper based on my dissertation at the 8th European Business Research Conference in France later this month. I am looking forward to exploring the opportunities that this qualification will open up for me.’

He has also been selected for the Erasmus + mobility programme to lecture at the Jagiellonian University (JU) in Poland where he will visit the Institute of Economics, Finance and Management to deliver lectures and identify opportunities for joint research between UKZN and JU.

Said Singh: ‘Raj was determined to be one of the first Accountants in a long while to obtain a PhD and burnt the midnight oil to finish within the time frame he had set for himself. Raj’s achievement I hope will inspire other accountants to undertake postgraduate studies and to further the horizons of Accounting knowledge production.  I wish him everything of the best in his academic endeavors.’

Thandiwe Jumo

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Fixed Term Contract Employment Examined in Masters Study

Fixed Term Contract Employment Examined in Masters Study
Mr Greg Botha.

The practice of employers offering job seekers fixed term contract employment was investigated by Master of Laws graduate Mr Greg Botha, an attorney with Pitcher & Fismer Attorneys in Pietermaritzburg.

“Protecting Fixed Term Contract Employees in South Africa: The Past and the Present”, was the title of the study by Botha who was supervised by UKZN’s Labour Law expert, Ms Nicci Whitear-Nel.

The work considered disadvantages fixed-term contract employees faced in the past and identified how the Labour Relations Amendment Act 6 of 2014 was created to rectify deficiencies in the legislation which enabled the practice.

Certain deficiencies which still appear to exist in the legislation are identified in the study, however, Botha says it is still not clear how serious they are and whether they should be cause for concern.

Part of the study also considered how the legal protection provided for fixed-term contract employees in South Africa compares with similar legislation in both Germany and neighbouring Mozambique. 

Botha’s study will be beneficial not only to employers, but also to fixed term contract employees, in understanding what can and can’t be done and exactly what the rights of the employees are.

Botha manages the litigation department at his firm where he is in the process of growing the commercial and labour law departments to increase services to clients.

He believes his newly-acquired qualification will give him a competitive edge and plans to share his study findings. ‘I would like to share the knowledge I have gained through my study with colleagues and the public and will look at offering seminars on the topic on a pro bono basis through channels such as

‘Studying part-time takes a lot of your personal time away but I have learned a huge amount and feel a sense of achievement now that it is all over. It has been well worth the effort!’

Hazel Langa

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What He is Saying is Give Peace a Chance!

What He is Saying is Give Peace a Chance!
Dr Mesheck Munyaradzi.

Doctor of Philosophy graduate, Dr Mesheck Munyaradzi’s dream is to establish an internationally recognised NGO that focuses on creating peace, and reconciling families, societies and nations.

Munyaradzi, who is a Teacher, said his envisaged organisation would also cater for the needy, especially orphans, widows, the elderly and the physically challenged.

His doctoral research was titled: “A Strategy to Building More Peaceful Schools in KwaZulu-Natal through Effective Management: An investigation of Peace Building Teams”.  The aim was to investigate ways of building more peaceful schools in KwaZulu-Natal and to investigate the role of management in peace building efforts.

He said the study focus was on an intervention strategy in the form of peace-building teams, and to test their efficacy in creating peaceful schools.

People most likely to benefit from the research are learners, educators, school management bodies, parents, communities and the country as a whole.

‘If the youth are encouraged early enough to embrace non-violence as a way of life, this would positively impact on the socio-economic crises that many nations are currently battling with,’ said Munyaradzi.

Receiving his masters degree cum laude was a highlight of his studies and the motivation for his doctoral degree, which he completed in three years.

Balancing being a full-time Teacher, an Acting Principal and completing his PhD studies meant a lot of sacrifices.

‘At first it was difficult for my wife and children but to God be the Glory they quickly became supportive and we handled the load together. I have lived a life that focused on little else except my studies for the past six years,’ said Munyaradzi.

He thanked his wife, son and daughter, and also acknowledged his supervisor, Dr Sylvia Kaye; Dr Webster Zambara; family friend Ms Cynthia Govender, and his academic friends, educators and learners.

‘My supervisor offered encouragement and constructive criticism all the time. Family member Dr Zambara consistently urged me to forge onward.’

Sithembile Shabangu

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University “Love Birds” Earn PhDs

University “Love Birds” Earn PhDs
PhD graduates and Husband and Wife Dr Refiloe Khoase and Dr Patrick Ndayizigamiye.

It was love at first sight 10 years ago when Dr Refiloe Khoase met Dr Patrick Ndayizigamiye at UKZN. They got married after a three-year courtship and have now just been awarded PhDs.

When they met in 2007, Ndayizigamiye explained to Khoase that he did not intend to leave UKZN before getting a PhD and to be his wife, she would have to do the same.  And that’s more or less how it happened!

Part-time Lecturer in the College of Law and Management Studies, Khoase said her intention had been to go as far as masters, but her husband had the final say.

Khoase’s study titled: “The Influence of Public and Private Supporting Institutions on Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Development: A Comparative Study between Lesotho and South Africa”, investigated the influence of the public and private supporting institutions regarding businesses start-up and sustainable growth.

Ndayizigamiye tackled a study titled: “Adoption of Mobile Health Technologies for Public Health Care in Burundi”, which investigated the potential use of mobile health technologies to provide public healthcare services in Burundi.

Ndayizigamiye’s study was funded through the NRF Innovation Scholarship which at times he shared with his wife.

The couple balanced studies and family life by taking turns and “working shifts” in terms of assisting with household errands and taking care of their children. They sacrificed family holidays. ‘Everyone in our family feels blessed and motivated - our degree is their degree,’ said Khoase.

They had words of encouragement for other married couples busy with doctoral studies. ‘Be patient towards one another, focus on each other’s strengths and help one other. See the PhD journey as a joint venture, not a competition. Speak positively about each other’s work,’ advised Ndayizigamiye.

They agreed the academic journey had been a challenge but as Christians they had forged on, reminding themselves always that: ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

Hazel Langa

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BCom Cum Laude graduate Reaps Reward for Hard Work and Determination

BCom <em>Cum Laude</em> graduate Reaps Reward for Hard Work and Determination
Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting cum laude graduate Ms Bhavna Bharath.

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting cum laude graduate Ms Bhavna Bharath is looking forward to using her newly-acquired qualification in pursuit of a career as a Chartered Accountant.

‘Accounting has always been my passion,’ said Bharath. ‘From the time I was in high school, I always enjoyed the subject and admired the Accounting field. My experience of studying for this qualification was a very interesting one. It required a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication, yet it made me feel proud to know that I am pursuing such a difficult yet rewarding qualification,’ she said.

Bharath who is currently doing an honours degree on the Pietermaritzburg campus says these qualifications will provide her with the opportunity to take her career to the next level.

‘This qualification enabled me to study honours and this will help me achieve my goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant. This is a worthwhile qualification since it provides me with many opportunities in the working world,’ she said.

Bharath, a hardworking and determined person who enjoys listening to music, baking and a bit of drawing, says she is grateful for her family’s support and is happy that she could make them proud.

‘My parents and my brother are very proud of me. They were very excited when they heard of my achievement. I was so blessed to have God by my side to help me complete this qualification without any obstacles,’ she said.

Thandiwe Jumo

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