15 April 2014 Volume :2 Issue :22

UKZN Lecturer Graduates with Son and Daughter

UKZN Lecturer Graduates with Son and Daughter
UKZN School of Education’s Ms Jaqueline Naidoo with her family.

A Lecturer at the School of Education, Ms Jacqueline Naidoo, who recently graduated with her son and daughter, said: ‘It is a great feeling of accomplishment. I am so proud of their achievements.’

Her son, Predarshan, graduated with a BSc Hons (Hydrology) degree and her daughter Kivanya, with a BSc (Statistics and Computer Science) summa cum laude.

Naidoo said her husband, Trevor, had graduated in 2012. ‘He should have graduated this year and then it would’ve been a full family graduation celebration,’ she joked.

Speaking about his wife’s success, Naidoo said: ‘I am extremely proud of Jacqueline’s achievement. She is an inspiration to our family and friends and her hard work has been justly rewarded.’

Kivanya added, ‘My mom has shown us what it means to persevere, concentrate and never give up on the things you want and believe in. I am extremely proud of my role model.’

Predarshan had this message for his mom: ‘Hard work really does pay off, congratulations on your achievement, mom. Thanks for always leading by example and teaching us the value of education.’

Jacqueline Naidoo graduated with a Doctorate in Philosophy. ‘My PhD journey has been an emotional rollercoaster. It feels great to have finally accomplished what I set out to do. I am happy and pleased that my family is so proud of my achievement. There’s a sense of relief that the stress and tension is over yet sadness that my late parents, Cherie and Jerry Lazarus whom I dedicated my PhD to, are not here to share in my joy and happiness.’

Naidoo’s research examined teacher’s subjectivities and emotionality; and how they influenced HIV and AIDS teaching. Her research also highlighted the challenges and tensions teachers face when teaching about HIV and AIDS.

She believes her research highlights the urgent need for the Department of Education to support teachers with resources and training to cope with challenges when teaching about HIV and AIDS or counselling learners.

Asked about future plans, Naidoo said: ‘I plan to write and publish articles from my PhD and present a few papers at national and international conferences, to apply for funding to do further research on teacher emotions and HIV and AIDS teaching. I also want to collaborate with the Department of Education and network with other countries to share ideas and lessons learned to improve HIV and AIDS education.’

-           Melissa Mungroo

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