28 August 2017 Volume :5 Issue :42

S2A3 Medal Winner Aims to Solve Africa’s Industrial Problems

S2A3 Medal Winner Aims to Solve Africa’s Industrial Problems
Professor Bice Martincigh presents Mr Chinedu Izuchukwu with the prestigious S2A3 Medal for the best Masters thesis across all the sciences and applied sciences at UKZN.

The South African Association for the Advancement of Science (S2A3) Medal was awarded to Mr Chinedu Izuchukwu, a PhD candidate at UKZN, for submitting the best Masters Research dissertation at the University across all science and applied science fields. The S2A3 awards one medal to each university in South Africa annually. 

Izuchukwu is from Nigeria, where he studied at the Ebonyi State University. He was able to pursue postgraduate studies at UKZN thanks to a 2016 travel grant from the National Mathematical Centre (NMC) in Abuja, and chose to study at UKZN because of its status as one of the most productive research institutions in Africa, and the availability of the necessary research facilities at the Institution. 

His MSc research was titled: Iterative Algorithms for Approximating Solutions of Variational Inequality Problems and Monotone Inclusion Problems. ‘My research was aimed at developing different algorithms for providing solutions to optimisation problems emanating from industries and firms, since most industrial problems can be modelled as optimisation problems,’ he said. 

Izuchukwu pursued this study to make effective contributions towards the growth of industries in Africa.

Izuchukwu is continuing his PhD studies at UKZN in a similar vein, and said he felt excited, humbled and honoured at the news of receiving this prestigious Medal. 

‘The award is clear evidence that hard work and success is recognised and celebrated. This will encourage and challenge me as well as other students to invest more effort towards making useful contributions to the advancement of Science and Technology.’ 

He expressed his gratitude to God for crowning his efforts with success, as well as to his mother, Mrs Izuchukwu Anthonia Uchechukwu for the sacrifices she made for his success. He thanked his MSc supervisor Dr Oluwatosin Mewomo for his sincere and thorough supervision. He mentioned Dr Ferdinand Ogbuisi and Mr Christian Okeke for their support and contributions, as well as Mr Nnakwe Monday, Mr Igwe Obinna and Mr Udosen David. 

He expressed sincere gratitude to undergraduate instructors Professor Ugochukwu Osisoigu and Dr Jeremiah Ezeora, who provided a sound academic grounding in mathematics. 

Izuchukwu also advised students hoping to do well to keep their hopes alive and invest time, energy, and efforts towards their research and academics. 

‘Stay focused and aim towards making Africa a better place,’ he said.

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