28 November 2013 Volume :1 Issue :13

Drive to Increase Postgraduate Enrolments

In an effort to improve postgraduate enrolments in the College of Law and Management Studies, Finance staff in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance on the Pietermaritzburg campus recently hosted a workshop for the School’s potential Masters candidates.

The aim of the workshop was to empower students by providing information on the benefits of doing their masters degree at the School.

Lecturers and SAEF staff Mrs Kerry McCullough, Ms Ailie Charteris, Mrs Jerusha Singh and Professor Darma Mahadea told the students about the entry requirements, the application process, possible research topics and the proposed Finance Cohort System and Workshop Series. Ms Carol Brammage ran a session on writing a concept note which has to accompany the masters application.

Masters students attending the workshop were able to collect application forms, discuss details of their research topics (which ranged from accounting to economics and finance).  Participants also spoke about challenges they faced in respect of funding. The potential for Masters Students to work as undergraduate tutors in the school, as well as some possible funding opportunities were highlighted.

The students also received guidance on the importance of collecting data for their research timeously, and balancing their studies. Academics were available to answer any questions during an informal tea-time gathering.

Through this initiative and other recruitment drives the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance looks forward to an improvement in postgraduate enrolments next year.


-     Thandiwe Jumo

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