02 April 2015 Volume :3 Issue :10

New Dean of Research at College of Humanities

New Dean of Research at College of Humanities
The new Dean of Research at the College of Humanities, Professor Drieke Hay-Swemmer.

The College of Humanities has appointed Professor Driekie Hay-Swemmer as its Dean of Research.

Hay-Swemmer has established herself as a Prolific Researcher in Higher Education, participating with distinction in numerous national and international research projects on teaching and learning.

She holds a BA and HED from the University of Stellenbosch, Bed (Honours) and Med [Cum Laude] from the University of the Free State and a PhD from Vista University.

Hay-Swemmer has contributed towards expanding theoretical frameworks in the field of higher education as well as enriching research models used in higher education research. Her research on postgraduate supervision practices and underlying theoretical understandings has contributed towards a better understanding of postgraduate supervisory practices and pedagogies within the South African context. 

An executive member of the SA Association for Research and Development in Higher Education (SAARDHE) and of the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of SA (HELTASA), she is also member of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). 

Hay-Swemmer facilitated the capacity building programme of promoters and doctoral students on the (SANPAD) project and did her master’s degree on the needs and problems of postgraduate students, successfully implementing a postgraduate school at her previous institution. 

She plans to revisit current policies, structures and practices, and create time for researchers to share and disseminate their research and experiences. She will run workshops on article writing, research methodology, and ensuring supervisors are well equipped.

Hay-Swemmer has a passion to create conducive and enabling environments in which scholars and postgraduate students produce high quality scholarly work.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of College of Humanities, Professor Potgieter, said Professor Hay-Swemmer was a welcome addition to her team of Deans in the College of Humanities. 

Melissa Mungroo

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